City Garage specializes in service for all Harley-Davidson®, V-Twin, and Metric motorcycles.  As owners know, excessive heat and lack of regular maintenance can lead to early engine and performance problems. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your motorcycle in top condition.  Remember that the oil in your air-cooled engine works hard to try and keep it cool, clean and lubricated.   Depending on your riding conditions, your motorcycle may require more or less time between service. We are proud to offer all services, from oil changes and anything in between. We can work on almost any year, make and model motorcycle. Call us to your service needs.  Also, check out our Harley Service Guidelines here

  • Factory Required Maintenance - Oil / Filter change, Spark Plugs, Air Filter and  Belt/Chain Service.
  • Full Fluid Replacement
  • Tire Replacement

  • Electrical Diagnostics/Repair

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Harley-Davidson Differential Oil Change

    Harley-Davidson Replace Brakes

    Harley-Davidson Replace Bulbs

    Harley-Davidson Replace Fuel Line

    Harley-Davidson Replace Radiator Hoses

    Harley-Davidson Replace Tire Tubes

    Harley-Davidson Replace Vacuum Hoses

    Harley-Davidson Steering Check

    Harley-Davidson  Cable Adjustment

    Harley-Davidson Tire Installation

    Harley-Davidson Tire Pressure

    Harley-Davidson Transmission Rebuilds

    Harley-Davidson Tune Up & Tuning

    Harley-Davidson Valve Adjustment

    Harley Davidson Classic


    Harley-Davidson Diagnostics

    Harley-Davidson Drive Chain Adjustment

    Harley-Davidson Engine Rebuilds & Work

    Harley-DavidsonSuspension Rebuilds

    Harley-Davidson Gas Tank Flush

    Harley-Davidson General Maintenance

    Harley-Davidson General Lubrication 

    Harley-Davidson Idle Adjustment

    Harley-Davidson Installing Aftermarket Parts

    Harley-Davidson Installing HID

    Harley-Davidson Oil Change

    Harley-Davidson Overall Inspection

    Harley-Davidson Pivot Joint Lubing

    Harley-Davidson Radiator Coolant Flush


    Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1903 by William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Motor Company produces traditional cruiser motorcycles utilizing air-cooled V-Twin engines and now it has begun water cooling their engines to combat the heat problems customers have complained about. 

    Harley Davidson Classic

    Harley-Davidson Air Filter Service

    Harley-Davidson Battery Service/Replacements

    Harley-Davidson Brake Fluid Flush/Fill/Bleed

    Harley-Davidson Brake Fluid Levels

    Harley-Davidson Cam Replacement/Modification

    Harley-Davidson Carburetor Cleaning

    Harley-Davidson Carburetor Rebuilding

    Harley-Davidson Carburetor Jetting

    Harley-Davidson Carburetor Synchronization

    Harley-Davidson Chain & Sprocket Replacement

    Harley-Davidson Changing Spark Plugs

    Harley-Davidson Cleaning Injectors

    Harley-Davidson Clutch Adjustment

    Harley-Davidson Clutch Fluid Flush/Fill/ Bleed

    Harley Davidson, V-Twin, and Metric Motorcycle Service and Repair - City Garage Motorcycle Shop - Santa Clarita, California


    City Garage can help increase the performance of your motorcycle.  Depending on make and model most performance upgrades can be completed within a week and many on the same-day.  Whatever your needs, we can help reach your goals

    • Stage 1 Kits

    • Electronic Tuners*

    • Intake/Induction*

    • Exhaust*


    • Custom Paint 

    • Custom Graphics 

    • Soda/ Bead /Sand Blasting

    • Powder Coating
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    Harley Davidson, V-Twin, and Metric Motorcycle Service and Repair in Santa Clarita - Los Angeles, California

    We also provide the following Harley- Davidson services and factory maintenance

    Harley Davidson Classic


    Why is it every time you see a Harley-Davidson or V-Twin motorcycle no two look alike?  From mild to wild we can add the parts and accessories you want.  

    • Chrome

    • Grips

    • LED Lighting

    • Floorboards

    • Wheels
    • And much more...

    *Depending on your situation CARB / EPA rules may prohibit work. Please call us to discuss your project and intended use.

    ​Please see our Harley-Davidson Disclaimer here