Motorcycle Electrical Troubleshooting
1974 Norton Commando Motorcycle

We always have something interesting here at the shop from rare bikes to old basket cases and 100-point show bikes plus maybe a project or two that always seem to get pushed aside. Whether you’re looking to fix up something you can ride every day or to start a new project of your own, we can get you going. City Garage Motorcycle Shop is based in North Los Angeles County in the City of Santa Clarita, CA

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The shop was born out of a desire to create a place that we would want to visit and where like-minded people can work and create plus allow our clients stop by to talk shop, talk shit or have a beer and sometimes all three if the BBQ is going. Where arguments are decided by rock, paper, scissors (sometimes best of 3 games) and no one gets tired of watching On Any Sunday.   For us, that feeling hasn't stopped in decades and if we have gas in our tanks and find someone to ride with that’s where you’ll find us.  We are dedicated to riding, restoring, servicing & building motorcycles no matter where they are from.  

Motorcycle Fabrication
Motorcycle Fabrication